New Year’s is often a time when many individuals make resolutions or set goals for the upcoming year. A common goal for many is to get into better shape or lose weight. At Florida Men’s Health Center we now understand that may be easier said than done for some people. That’s why we’re here to help with our Weight Management Program.

At Florida Men’s Health Center, our experienced and trained medical professionals use a holistic approach to design a weight loss plan that is right for you. Not only will the plan focus on helping you lose weight, but it will also focus on ways to help you keep the weight off and ways to build up your muscles in a healthy way.

The program will provide you with consultations as well as exercise programs that will help maximize your weight loss, and help you build the physique that you have always wanted.

Exercise programs for weight loss are designed with considerations both toward your goal, as well as toward any health concerns that you may have, and your preferences. Weight management is intended as a long term health solution, so it’s important that the exercise plan not only helps you lose weight but maintain a healthy weight as well.

Throughout the program, we will meet with you each week to monitor your progress.

With the help of our Weight Management Program, losing weight doesn’t have to be intimidating. At Florida Men’s Health Center, we are dedicated to helping you achieve the healthy weight that your body needs and the trim muscled physique that you have always wanted.

Now, you can’t use the excuse that you’re too busy. At Florida Men’s Health Center we will work with you to fit our Weight Management Program into your schedule!

There’s a reason Florida Men’s Health has 5-star reviews on Google. Quite simply, we are the best at what we do when it comes to ED and sexual health. Call us today at 954 509-9111 to schedule your free consultation.

Erez Cohen

Erez Cohen is a men's health specialist with over 15 years of experience in the men's health space. After being born in Israel, Erez moved to the United States worked for a number of Men's Health clinics before opening up Florida Men's Health Center in 2010 with the goal of helping men with a wide array of issues.