Top five pros for testosterone therapy

1) A hearts job is to pump blood to the entire body. When a heart is healthy it provides the required amount of oxygen to the muscles and organs for peak performance.
Low testosterone can cause multiple cardiovascular issues. According to the top medical schools hormone replacement therapy can broaden coronary arteries. This may be useful for men who suffer from chest pain, and lack of blood flow to the heart.
2) According to several studies testosterone is proven to increase muscle muscle mass and decrease fat. Which will lead to a leaner body and increased energy.
A study of over a 100 men of the age of 60 and older has shown that testosterone treatment has remarkably decreased fat and increase muscle mass. This study was based on a 36 month therapy treatment.

3) Solid bones help your muscles and inner organs, which can support your performance in your daily activities. As men begin to age their testosterone levels declines, as well as bone mass. This raises the danger of frail bones and osteoporosis. The journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism has performed a study indicating that elderly men can expand their bone mass with testosterone replacement therapy.This is especially correct for men who experienced low testosterone levels before starting treatment.
4) Studies have shown that a healthy testosterone level has contributed to a higher sex drive. Although most studies have resulted in mixed reviews most patients experience a higher sex drive with healthy testosterone levels.
5) Restoration of testosterone levels to a more youthful age has been shown to be associated with improvement of energy levels and mental clarity.



Male Menopause

Male menopause is a result of the gradual decline in hormones that begins in a man’s late twenties.
This condition is marked by changes in sexual function, altered sleep patterns and physical and emotional changes. Sexual desire decreases, the testes may shrink and infertility may set in. Insomnia or intermittent sleeping can arise. A man may gain weight, lose strength, experience hot flashes and suffer from hair loss. Issues with depression, sadness or low self-esteem may come up.


Hormonal Injection Therapy

Hormone injection therapy can refer to various delivery methods, but generally refers to intramuscular injections using a syringe. This method may be suitable in cases where alternative treatments were ineffective. A doctor administers synthetic testosterone or bio-identical hormones in predetermined intervals, such as once a week or every few weeks, as part of a therapy regimen. To determine the correct dosage, a medical professional takes blood samples. Also, hormone levels must be monitored by a doctor on a regular basis since each man is different.
This is a normal part of aging and does not necessarily lead to abnormally low levels. Factors such as injury, infections, pollutants or medications could be the cause of a sudden drop in hormone levels. This condition can present itself in various ways including: low sex drive, issues with sleeping, depression, erectile dysfunction and mood swings. These symptoms can diminish a man’s quality of life, but there are various methods of testosterone management that can treat this condition.


Topical Creams

Testosterone deficiency can be treated by the use of topical creams and gels. These products are generally applied once a day to raise levels to a normal range. Testosterone is mixed in a skin cream that is absorbed into the blood stream. This method imitates the body’s normal hormone production and is very easy to use. In addition, this treatment has minimal side effects.



Sublingual testosterone is taken daily in tablet form. The tablet is placed under the tongue to dissolve into the mucus membranes. The hormones enter into the blood stream within a short amount of time providing testosterone help for the body.
Please contact us today for more information on Testosterone Management.
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