Being diagnosed with prostate cancer can be a cause of worry and stress in men.
For many, the worry has more to do with sexual dysfunction than their fear about the disease! While prostate cancer is not fatal, surgery or radiation is a choice many men make to survive the disease. However, they are faced with the aftermath of the treatment, which results in sexual problems. After radiation therapy or surgery, sexual dysfunction is a common side effect. When men are left with ED, it is stressful for the man and his partner.
Florida Men’s Health treats sexual dysfunction and suggests alternatives to men with ED before or after prostate cancer treatments this is something we do regularly. We offer oral medications such as Cialis, Viagra, as well as other types of oral drugs. Although the best results we have seen have come from our ICP( Intracavernous Pharmacotherapy) program better known as Trimex. It could either be an individual treatment option, or a combination; whatever works best for the individual in question and helps them reach sexual functions. While the medication will help you with the erection our specialist at Florida Men’s health will help you regain your confidence and improve your sex life greatly.
To learn more about it please contact one of our specialist at Florida Men’s Health to schedule a free consultation at 954-509-9111.