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Erectile Dysfunction

Often, erectile dysfunction stems from an underlying problem that must be evaluated in order to cure the condition.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be an embarrassing and debilitating condition that affects a man’s self-esteem and most of all, his sexual relationships. At Florida Men’s Health Center, we focus not only on the problem but also the solution of mild and chronic erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction

Evaluating the Cause of erectile dysfunction includes a long list of issues that include: vascular disease, diabetes mellitus, drugs, hormone imbalances, venous leak and psychological conditions. We evaluate not only on the physical problems but also the mental issues.

Often simply referred to as impotence, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is the inability to develop or maintain an erection during sexual activity.

An erection is caused by increased blood flow to the penis, stimulated by sexual arousal, either mentally or physically induced. The muscles in the penis relax, allowing increased blood flow and this fills the corpora cavernosa, 2 chambers inside the penis that when filled with blood cause the penis to grow and solidify. ED is caused by problems with this mechanism preventing the blood flow. Whilst occasional ED is not uncommon and can be brought on by stress, a persistent form of the problem is something that would need addressing, and can take two different forms.

Physical ED

This is where there is a physical problem in the body that prevents adequate blood flow, the most common are cardiovascular disease and all forms of diabetes. Other conditions that can cause ED are hormonal insufficiencies, neurological problems, as well as drug or alcohol abuse. The final common cause is smoking, which through prolonged use can lead to the narrowing of arteries preventing adequate blood flow.

Psychological ED

This is a type of ED caused by thoughts and feelings rather than an actual physical deficiency. The rarer of the two types, it is nonetheless just as debilitating for sufferers and can lead to further psychological issues if not treated, with relationship difficulties and other issues being consequences. This type of ED can be brought on by stress, anxiety or ongoing relationship problems.


There are various treatments for physical ED, most common is the orally taken type 5 inhibitors, in particular sildenafil, which is best known under its brand name Viagra. These are prescription drugs, and work by inhibiting PDE5, a groups of enzymes commonly found in the body, which increases blood flow to the penis. Whilst this is the most common form of treatment, there are topical alternatives, applied to the skin in cream form, as well as a course of injections. These use slightly different compounds to the oral versions, but relay on the same principals for effect.

For psychological ED therapy can be helpful, although success is often found with the use of placebos to aid treatment, and sufferers of ED can be expected to recover over time.

Due to the nature of the problem many men feel embarrassed about dealing with the problem, and as such there are a wealth of ‘cures’ available online to take advantage of the unwary, these vary from the useless to the dangerous, and are a cause of concern. For men suffering from the symptoms of EEED, whatever the cause, it is vital to seek professional help to deal with it.


Intracavernous pharmacotherapy – ICP

Intracavernous pharmacotherapy (ICP) is one of the safest and most effective treatments for both erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation. Before pharmaceutical medications were introduced in 1998 and 2003, respectively, Intracavernous pharmacotherapy treatment was the most commonly prescribed method in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Today many physicians maintain it as their preferred method, especially when other health conditions prevent the prescription of the pharmaceuticals.

“Last as long as you want to, even after climax”

Intracavernous pharmacotherapy treatment works through the injection of a combination of drugs known for their effect as vasodilators. Since most cases of ED occur because factors prevent the penis from becoming engorged with blood, the vasodilators make it easier for the blood to flow through the arteries and veins in the penis. This improvement in circulation allows the penis to become erect more easily.

ICP injections are pre-prepared and placed into an auto-applicator so men can give themselves the injections when necessary for an intimate encounter. Usually, a healthy erection occurs only minutes after the injection. ICP treatments are tremendously effective for those suffering from ED, no matter the exact cause. In patients with neurogenic impotence, the effectiveness is at a rate of over 97 percent. Almost 82 percent of patients with vascular impotence benefit from ICP, and those with psychogenic or hormonal impotence benefit at 100 percent. Other studies of men who cannot take oral medications due to cardiovascular disease show a success rate with ICP of over 94 percent.

“Eliminates all performance anxiety”

The success rate for Intracavernous pharmacotherapy is much higher than that for oral pharmaceuticals. Studies show that a full 30 percent of males with ED remain unaffected after taking oral medications. Another 15 percent of men with ED are unable to take oral medications altogether because of contraindications with other medical treatments or complications. Additionally, one study of men who have used ICP treatment regularly for over three years found that 10.6 percent of participants were again able to have intercourse without the need for the treatment at all and 13.4 percent only required the treatment occasionally.


Oral Meds

Erectile Dysfunction Cures

“No headaches, blurred vision.”

Doctors have been creating erectile dysfunction remedies for a long time now, and there are many new ways of curing the condition in older men as well as erectile dysfunction in young men. Male enhancement supplements increase blood flow to the penis. The oral medications used to treat the ED condition in men consists of medications, which helps relax the blood vessels in the penis. Vacuum devices are a natural way of doing this, and lotions can be used to stimulate arousal. Hormone replacement and surgery are also possibilities.

“Our medication works for all patients”

Premature Ejaculation

Treatments for premature ejaculations are addressed through orals medications and ICP treatment. Premature Ejaculation is also associated with Erectile Dysfunction. In this case, treatment may focus on ED as the primary issue, with aim of combating premature ejaculation secondarily.

through orals medications and ICP treatment. Premature Ejaculation is also associated with Erectile Dysfunction. In this case, treatment may focus on ED as the primary issue, with aim of combating premature ejaculation secondarily.

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